Nedarion is an alternative Health, Wellness, and Inspiration company. Our focus is to spread health, wellness tips, good energy, and encouragement. Offering creative health and feel good remedies to help bring balance and restoration to the whole being. We are located in Roanoke, Va for our local customers but are available for all services and some products for our non-local customers. 

Darion Boisseau is the founder of our black-owned company, her vision is highlighting what's already in people which is: Strength, Power, Love, Healing, and Life. Her mission is to let people see the beauty within themselves and use it for positive change.

🔅Fresh Cold Pressed Juices 

🔅Fine Energy Infused Foods 

🔅Beauty Enhancements 

🔅Empowerment Resources...

We offer freshly pressed Veggie & Fruit Juice, Health Tips, Detox Water, Wellness shots, Healthy Kits, Self love Seminars, Life Coaching, and more. 

Nedarion is encouraging vessels to treat their body well on a continual basis. It's encouraging individuals to be healthier, wiser, stronger, better, and more. Our goal is to flatten the curve of depression, unhealthy weight, weakness, fatigue, and lack of peace.

A percentage of all of Nedarion's proceeds goes towards funding Yung Mami Organization and Alexandra's House. Helping to elevate women and mothers continually as well providing a safe haven for them.

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