Citrus Fruits


Please be available for pick-up when your order is ready. All of our orders are freshly made with a

shelf-life. We also do not have the capacity to hold orders. All orders take at least 1-4 business day to be completed locally

A Nedarion Team member will reach out to you prior to the completion of your order to schedule a fair meet time. We will try to work around your schedule for pick-up. Please check your emails.

If you place an order and pick the wrong shipping option to obtain your order, your order will not be properly processed and will be put at the bottom of our processing list. If this happens, you will have to pay the shipping inconvenience fee for your item to ship correctly. If needed, we will issue a gift card for you to redo your order. If we issue you a refund, your incorrect selected shipping option will not be included.

If Nedarion mishandles your order we will gladly refund you and help with any inconvenience on your end.


Ordering after 5pm on a business day is credited and counted to the following day, not the day of. 

You are forfeiting your order if you do not pick-up at the allotted time of your order. We reserve the right to dispose of your order once it is forfeited. If your order is still available, there will be an additional delivery fee if you do not pick-up at the allotted time.