This is a Baker's Dozen (13 Cookies) of Our Plant-based SUPER cookies that are unforgettable. You will be craving it when you least expect it, it is THAT good. Our SUPER cookies are a great source of plant based protein, are a great source of good fiber helps with PMS and menopause, helps with breastfeeding, relaxes you, and more. This is a perfect alternative health cookie made just for you.

Contains: Hemp seed, chia seed, Dark Chocolate Chips, nuts, egg substitute, flour, plant/based butter, and fresh ingredients. This is not for those with nut and chocolate allergy. 
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• Plant-based • SUPER Chocolate Cookies • Baker's Dozen •

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  • Shelf Life is 7 days. Best if consumed in 3 days. This Can be frozen 30 days for longer keep.

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